Michael and his 5 kiddos (3 birth and 2 adopted).

Michael Hausam – Manager

Michael was born and raised in Southern California. His first job out of school (Westmont College in Montecito, with a degree in economics and minors in English and Philosophy) was working for a mortgage company. In addition to ultimately running his own mortgage company, he has also owned a mergers and acquisitions advisory firm and a co-owned a home improvement contracting company.

He has five children, ages 10 through 23, and lives in Newport Beach. His non-work passions are reading, film, television, exercising, and mid-afternoon naps.

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Me with Mom and Dad – Mothers Day 2013



Michael Jr. with Mom and Dad



With Mom and Dad – Mothers Day 2017

Inspiration – Why do we do this?

(By Michael Hausam).

3 things come to mind when asked why I’ve such an interest in Home Equity Conversion Mortgages:

(1) My parents. Born in 1940 and 1941, they are right in the center of the population best served by this loan. Being seniors, they are also right in the center of every scam artist out there. If someone were to try to take advantage of them, first degree homicide would be something about which I’d think long and hard. That said, I advised them to NOT do a HECM, as it wouldn’t serve their needs. Even so, I imagine my parents during every single conversation I have.

(2) A sweet woman I met years ago. The nature of my contracting work over the years put me in touch with many older homeowners and their situations are often unique. In this particular case, the woman had some physical disabilities and had turned financial authority over to her children. Although she was mentally as sharp as a TACK and LIGHTNING QUICK, she deferred 100% to what her kids told her to do. Her house was an abysmal wreck and it was obvious she was barely subsisting. When talking to her son about the work being proposed on her mom’s house, his response was short and terse: “Look, she’s lived there for over 50 years and won’t be around all that much longer. We’re not going to waste any money – besides, everything¬†is just fine and she’s used to it.”

I was furious. I couldn’t believe he let his mom live like that and had such a unconscionable attitude about it. It was her house, she should have been able to do what she wanted with it, and even if it was for only a few years, why shouldn’t she be happy?

(3) My aunt. A few years younger than my dad, her financial situation was perfect for a reverse mortgage. With a small pension and social security, paying off her forward mortgage and putting some cash in her pocket was (and will continue to be) a life-changer. Not only was she thrilled, I was able to save her thousands of dollars, compared to another company with whom she’d initially dealt.